Monday, 11 September 2017

Fireworks and Toffee apples

'Toffee apples' oil on wood 20x20cms, available on Etsy

The summer holidays are over and it's back to school this week.  I'm not a big fan of extremely hot weather and spend most of August at home so now  the worst of the heat has gone it's time to get moving again.

During the summer months the evenings are the best time to take a walk or socialise and you often find young children playing on the seafront up until midnight.  It's that time of year when each village or town has it's annual festival or  'feste' to honour their patron saint.

These are busy occasions with funfairs, stalls and fireworks.

People come from all over to enjoy special traditions to each town and to see the free concerts or sit out and eat on the streets. 

Even the horses get dressed up ready to pull their Sicilian carts!

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