Sunday, 29 March 2015

Move over!

Oil on mdf board, 20x20cms

If you take a wander down to the seafront late on a warm afternoon you will find people strolling or just sitting and chatting.  This is the Sicilian 'passeggiata' or the art of strolling and socialising.

This is one of my favourite times for observing and finding inspiration. This group of pensioners caught my eye because of the way they were squashed onto a bench. There is never enough seating for everybody and if you want to be comfortable while you eat your ice cream you have to wait for your turn.  The snazzy white shoes clinched it for me though!


Sue Clinker said...

Lovely painting Cathy - understated but tells a wonderful story.

I love watching the pensioners/fishermen chatting each afternoon in a shady spot on Fuerteventura where we have our holiday home.

Melliott said...

I love this--minimalist but complete!


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