Friday, 20 March 2020

Italy on lock-down

It's hard to escape all the news going on abut the Covid-19 virus, television, social media  Here in Sicily as in the rest of Italy we are following the government rules and not leaving our homes.
I'm grateful that I live in a house that is fairly isolated and we have plenty of outside space.

Painting or any form of art is a great way to escape, sing, make music, read all helps. Here is one of my most recent paintings of  late blackberries covered in cobwebs.
I took the reference photo in October while in the UK for a quick trip to see my family.  It seems so long ago and now it's impossible to leave Sicily let alone Italy! Lets hope for better times.

oil on wood, 20x20cms here

How are you coping? I hope all of you are safe and well in these strange and worrying times.

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