Thursday, 12 November 2015

Purple Plants

Oil on wood 20x20cms 
I realised that I hadn't posted for a little while, but I have been painting... this is a terracotta vase filled with a purple plant called 'miseria'.  It's from the garden of a 17th century villa but I'm sure the vase isn't that old.  I was attracted to the shadows of the plant falling on the terracotta in the sun.

Here's the garden, my vase is near the house on the right of the pretty garden.


Shirley said...

Beautiful! I love the subtle variation in color on the wall behind the plant. It sets off the terracotta vase so well.

Polly Birchall said...

What an unusual plant. Love your painting feels really solid yes soft if you know what I mean. Have a lovely weekend xx

Gretel said...

That is a sight for sore eyes - with the rain and wind lashing the window, flowers and a sunny villa seem a distant paradise!


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