Wednesday, 9 September 2015

People Watching

Do you like people watching?  I find it fascinating to observe my fellow humans and their habits, even inventing characters and lives for them..
There is an art  to the social science of watching without being noticed and  I like to sketch or even photograph people discreetly.
A nice place to sit with a coffee is ideal, as in this case on the seafront at Siracusa.
These local lads were chatting and watching a friend fishing. it was the beginning of the summer holidays so I could imagine them planning some exciting activities for the coming months and wonder if they'd caught anything.

Later in the day as the sun went down I sat in almost the same place with a pizza, people were very relaxed walking and chatting.  This man and his dog were out for an evening stroll...I couldn't resist!
I enjoy painting my 'unaware' subjects, but I'm never sure if one day they'll come cross their portrait by accident online. I d love to know their reaction and is it allowed anyway? mmmm..

Both are oil paintings are 20x20cms on mdf board.


Shirley said...

These are both wonderful - love the way you capture their interest in watching the boy fishing and your shadows!

Lesley said...

Love the way you've caught the movement so well in the dog walker.

Anonymous said...

I love watching people this way to. Sometimes they act very naturally and it makes me very interested to draw them. So I totally agree with you. Besides I just love drawing people. My friend a writer at once even wrote an essay according to my people walking sketches. That was a great thing!


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