Monday, 11 May 2015

Gone Fishing!

20x20cms oil on mdf wood

Living on an island has it's advantages and you are never too far from the sea.  Luckily I love painting the sea and fishing boats and often the harbour and fishing villages are a great source of inspiration.
In this painting I wanted to capture a white boat bobbing in the sea and the bright reflected light.

20x20cms oil on mdf board

Here in the late afternoon a boat is pulled up onto the beach, but if you hang around long enough you can see the fishermen set off for a night's fishing, and if you get there early in the morning if you can buy some freshly caught fish!


Sue Clinker said...

That cheered me up - grey, cold and raining here in Kent at the moment.

Katherine Thomas said...

I love both these pieces! The unique viewing angles are so effective, and the clean lines and colors so soothing and refreshing, just ike being at the shore!

Debra Dickson said...

Wow! I love love love the perspective of the pebbly beach one! You inspire me to go try something unusual!


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