Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sketchbook Sunday

I sketched these little fishing boats for a 'sketch swap' with the Italian urban sketchers.  I've sent it off to it's secret (for now) new owner and all I have to do now is wait for the postman to bring mine (hopefully) from an unknown person somewhere in Italy.

I have still been continuing with my look at black and have had a go at drawing in's not easy to do without smudging!

I also compared black watercolour paint to mixing my own darks.

On the left are my Schminke watercolours
Permanent carmine + phtalo green (didn't work too well)
Ultramarine + sepia brown
Indigo + burnt sienna

On the right are Maimeri watercolours, which I use a lot more and know which work well.
Red magenta + phtalo green
ultramarine + sepia
Indigo + burnt umber

As you can see none were as dark as the black paint.


Katherine Thomas said...

The recipient of the fishing boats is a lucky person, indeed! I like the charcoal sketch very much, and admire your seriousness about experimenting with the colors. A true artist you are!

Angela Maria Russo said...

Ciao Cathy, ho ricevuto oggi il tuo bellissimo acquerello, grazie. Come ho scritto su FB mi ha fatto ricordare una vacanza passata in Sicilia , ospite di amici che abitavano proprio a Casteldaccia. Cari saluti da Roma

A. M. Jacob said...

The sketch swap is a great idea. I'm going to suggest this when I meet with my local sketching meetup.

Your watercolor is quite lovely.

Alex said...

The colourful work of your never stop amazing me :) Love those boats! Reminds me of home actually


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