Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Hot Soup, Cold Day

Oil on board 20x20 cms

I have little backlog of paintings to photograph and upload, which doesn't happen very often.
I get immersed in the painting part and forget the rest !
This little oil painting is from a freezing day in the UK and we stopped for something hot to eat in a little cafè  but many other people had the same idea.
It was chock-a-block with coats, bags and bodies and I tried to capture the atmosphere.  This woman was enjoying some hot soup.....I had a sausage sandwich.


Shirley said...

You've definitely captured a mood in the restaurant. How much of it did you do while looking at her?

Sue Clinker said...

I can almost feel the welcome glow of a warm cafe on a Winter's day. Beautifully portrayed Cathy.

Cathy Holtom said...

Thank you for commenting!
Shirley - I painted from my sketch and a sneaky photo I took!


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