Sunday, 23 November 2014


Oil on mdf wood panel 20x 20 cms (approx 8x8")

We were given some pomegranates and of course I had to use them in a painting, they're just so pretty.
This one is another small painting that will shortly be in my Etsy Shop.
I used one of the pomegranates in a wild rice salad with walnuts and apple, it was delicious!

At this time of year we're often given home grown produce, only this week two 'water' bottles turned up, one full of freshly pressed olive oil and the other home made wine.  
Although we have a couple of olive trees,  they don't produce enough for oil so a big bottle of beautiful fresh olive oil is a treat. When the oil has just been pressed it has a peppery taste and eaten on it's own on warm bread it's exquisite! 


Polly Birchall said...

You know how to make someone's mouth water! Lovely painting, and I now want a promegranite

Judy said...

Beautiful painting, Cathy!

jenna said...

You made oil look like deft watercolor, amazing!


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