Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Small but Sweet

oil on mdf board 20x20cms (aprox  8x8")

It's a dark stormy day here in Sicily, although the morning started off bright and sunny!

My small painting above is from a similar sunny morning, a little pear from my garden on the kitchen table with the clear early sun pouring in through the window. I used a mixture of acrylic and oil paints to get the effect of light (hopefully!)
I am enjoying painting small..I cut a large piece of mdf into 12 small squares and  I've finished about half of them so far.  It's nice not to have to worry about investing a lot of time on a large painting only to find it doesn't really work. It's a chance to try out new ideas and best of all they are easy to store!
Do you have a preference...big or small?


Melliott said...

I love the stripey background! And I'm intrigued by how you make oil look like watercolor, even down to the spatter. Cross-medium skills!

Cathy Holtom said...

I think you're right Melissa, different mediums teach you different things. I did the background with acrylics but you can make oil paint splatter too if you fling it hard enough!

Nukiart said...

There's just something so elegant about a pear, isn't there? Nicely done!

Although it's something I aspire to, and know would force me to work faster and therefore more loosely, I have a really hard time working large.

I have a good supply of full sheet paper so it's not for lack of supplies LOL. I just need to be willing to give up any sense of control. Sheesh, it sounds so silly when I see it written out here.

Katherine Thomas said...

This is gorgeous! The way you created the background area, Cathy, is truly stunning and sets off the perfection of the pear, which is also truly stunning. I really admire your artistry on this piece! It's a wow!

Sue Pownall said...

This is a lovely painting. Looks good enough to eat!

Laura Moore said...

So beautiful Cathy. Your skill with oils as well as the other mediums you use is always a delight to see.


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