Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sketching 'La Natura Morta '

Summer is over and the weather is changing.  We've had some high winds over the past week and it was one windy night when I heard something patter as it blew into my room while I was asleep.
With no glasses and in the dark I could just make out the shape of a small lizard by my bed.  
After a little bit of nudging  it wasn't going to move and I realised it was not only dead but perfectly conserved by the hot dry weather.  It must have got caught between the window and the blinds.

So what else could I do, I sketched it the next morning.  It's still on the sideboard much to my daughter's horror...she says it's looking at her!

Leaves are starting to turn too, this is one I picked up.  Autumn is here, my favourite season!
What's your favourite season?


Boud said...

As a stitcher currently creating critters, I deeply envy you your model lizard! it can look at me any old time... and thank you for your painting him for us to see.

Favorite season is late spring into summer, so at this point I'm just hoping for another!

. said...

Poor lizard but boy did he ever make a great model for sketching, and super sketches too. Great story too.
This summer I found a nice long piece of snake skin and I wanted to keep it, but my husband was not hot on that idea. Sadly I forgot it at our camp site (he was happy about that).

Autumn is here too, a bit early but in full force and in gorgeous mix of colours. Love this time of the year!

Beautiful sketches and painting!

Polly Birchall said...

I love the leaf and the clever curve you have painted, but the little lizard is a bit creepy I must say! Enjoy autumn before winter arrives

Laura Moore said...

Wow you have been busy whilst I have been away. A dead lizard may not be my first choice of subject to study and neither is a fly. I am too much of a whimp perhaps so good for you. I loved seeing both your versions, though from the comfy distance of my monitor of course. I love autumn for the gentle warmth in the sun and the golden glowing light it creates.

Lorraine Brown said...

Lovely autumn colours for your leaf and I like your lizard sketches. I am not very brave with wild life but must admit when I see the opportunity of having a model (live or as in your case dead) I overcome my fear

Sue Pownall said...

eww whilst I would also draw the lizard I wouldn't keep it on the side afterwards. Great sketches of it and the leaf.


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