Sunday, 10 August 2014

Summer Sketching

I've photographed a few pages from my sketchbook, the first is a corner of my friend's house.
It was built by my friend's grandfather in 1920's and stands on top of a hill over looking the coast.
I'm very tempted to make a larger painting of it.

A slice of water melon...very summery!  This was a melon grown across the road...this year a lemon grove was turned into a little market garden.  This is happening more and more as work gets harder to find and  people are going back to their roots, trying to make a business out of the resources they have.
The  melon was delicious by the way!

A windy afternoon  and a quick sketch on the beach.  this one is in my smallest moleskine sketchbook, the one that slips into the side pocket of my bag.
I hope you're having a good summer!


Polly Birchall said...

What lovely personal sketches that tell a story of your summer.

Judy said...

Lovely sketches, Cathy! That looks like a wonderful spot for a larger painting!


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