Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pebbles and bubbles (a continuation)

oil on stretched canvas 20x20cms

This is the last in my mini pebble series.  It is another small canvas of pebbles on the beach as the waves gently break onto them.  I painted the pebbles in almost a continuation of my previous small pebble painting.
Why? Well just because I could and it was fun.

As you can see the could be displayed together and will look better once I've varnished an painted the sides of the canvases.
I said this is the last but these paintings are so relaxing to do, so you never know what might happen!


Melliott said...

Cathy, these are wonderful! The colors, textures, and reflections pull you right into the canvas(es). I'm not sure what makes them "relaxing" to do, but keep it up!

Sandra said...

Stunning. I want to reach out and pick them up.

Deborah said...

Cathy, I love, love these! Are the rocks really that colorful or did just have a little fun with them? Either way they are fabulous.

Cathy Holtom said...

Thank you for the comments!
Deborah th0se are the colours but I made them a bit stronger and brighter.

Sue Pownall said...

Great series Cathy.

Cath.H.C Photography said...

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