Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sun in the Garden

Mixed media on stretched canvas 70x50cms

It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted here on my blog as I've been concentrating on some larger paintings in oil.  I have several on the go and this is the first to be completed (I'm calling it finished for now).
I took a year out to experiment and learn about watercolour and what it can do, now I feel it's time to get back to some oil painting.
That's not say I've hung up my watercolour brushes to dry!

These flowers are from my friend's garden.  We were sitting outside in the shade (with a coffee of course) when the sun suddenly illuminated the leaves from behind.  The background is acrylic with a pearly effect roughly brushed on, the rest of the painting is in oil.

I haven't got a very original title yet so if anyone has any ideas..... you haven't let me down yet!


Jane said...

This is an utterly delightful, and very strong and striking painting. I'd be very happy to hang it on my wall! Good luck with choosing a title.

Sue Pownall said...

It's lovely!
What type of butterfly is that? Could you use that as the title?

Cathy Holtom said...

It's a Brown Argus, I will see if the Italian name has a better ring to it. Thanks Sue!

Sandra said...

Peace in the Garden is my first reaction to the painting. As always, I enjoy your blog. I've bookmarked it as Yahoo has almost destroyed EDM. Grrr

Katherine Thomas said...

Oh My! This is stunning! You really brought out the depth and contrast in those leaves. I love how the bright highlights are on the leaves in the back! wow! And the colors and composition are very exciting and pleasing to the eye. My title would be "Among Friends". Because the butterfly is friends with the flowers, and you were with your friend when you saw it. :)


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