Sunday, 24 March 2013

Waiting for the Sun to go Down

You may remember this old man from my sketch a couple of weeks ago.  This was the view he was looking at as the sun went down, illuminating the buildings on the opposite side of the harbour.

I had problems working  large in watercolour, in fact I was so unsatisfied I covered the whole thing in pastel.  I think the main problem is a  difficulty in  painting a watercolour from a photograph  and I'm  more comfortable with a real life subject in front of me!


. said...

Thats beautiful, love the reflection of the building, the water looks very calm just how it does in the evening... Its one of my favourite moments when things start to calm down, sun is so warm and everything just stopps and waits. Really lovely!!!

But I know what you mean about painting with WC in large scale, its very tricky.

Polly Birchall said...

I have trouble painting small! The reflection and the evening colours are so well painted. Looks good to me!

Vandy said...

This has a lovely lazy afternoon feel to it. Fabulous figure - he looks so chilled.

Jane said...

A lovely scene , so serene and calm. I think you got spring down there for real now :-)

azzizz_tirta said...

it is beautiful Cathy, it doesn't matter if you draw with mixed media!
mostly i draw also in mixed media. but reversed, i freeze when i draw from life and people are watching,so i draw from photos and magazines.
thanks for your comments in my blog.


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