Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Sketchbook Tour has Started!

Arthouse Gallery  photograph

The Arthouse Sketchbook Project 2012 is on it's way.  It opened in Brooklyn , New York on Saturday and already my sketchbook has been viewed!  It's a strange feeling to know something of yours is being looked at on the other side of the world.

What I'd really like (pretty please) is if anyone who is going to visit the sketchbook project exhibition could take a photograph of my sketchbook for me?
Hopefully I will get to London in October to see it for myself but until then it will be making it's way around the USA.


Mary Walker Designs said...

It's like your the proud mother of your successful world traveling child just one "postcard" from abroad will well your heart up. It's wonderful.

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

I am going to be in NY this weekend (clear across the country for us), and would love to get to Bklyn to see the sketchbooks! Mine is there, too :) If I make it, I will be sure to find yours!!

Koosje Koene said...

Oooh, I was there! at the opening show! I should've known and would of course have loved to take a picture for you. Glad Elizabeth can help out.


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