Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Old and the New (a second artist's showcase)

In the second of my posts about artists at out local art exhibition I've chosen to showcase the work of Concetta Ducato.
Concetta is the daughter of an artist, she grew up in her father's workshop where she learnt how to paint colourful traditional scenes on Sicilian carts.  After her father retired from the business Concetta began to concentrate on expressing her own art.  She started to experiment with new techniques and materials and now works with a palette knife instead of a brush.

She loves to paint the sea and the coastline (there is plenty of inspiration around here!).

Although my photographs here have come out a little dark I've been attracted to the light in these paintings everyday as I walk through the exhibition.
I wanted to show you some of Concetta's traditional work too although as she says they are two very different styles.  


nanke's stuff said...

I so appreciate your sharing the work of the other artists on exhibit. Concetta's work is very compelling. I really like the textures and composition of her work. The last painting is so interesting and powerful. Thanks again! nancy

Bumpkin Bears said...

I just came across your blog. Love these paintings you shared, especially of the sea, the colours are stunning. So nice to find another british person that lives abroad, i live in Belgium nowadays. Catherine

ElasticUnicorn said...

Hello Cathy,
Another great set of paintings.
It is really good to get a chance to see all these works.

Anonymous said...

Lovely paintings - I wish I could have seen the exhibition!


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