Saturday, 28 April 2012

Art Runs in the Family

Davide Baiamonte aka Dado Greene is a young man fresh from art school where he studied graphics.
He wants to unite music, movement and art in someway but is still experimenting with  ideas. 

Antonio Baiamonte is Davide's brother (art must be in their genes, there is a third brother who is an artist too!).
He studied religious art at the Academy of Art but now paints something quite different as you can see.
'The barbed wire around the woman is seen as a protection rather than something that was inflicted' was how he described it to me. 

Acrylic on canvas

1 comment:

Timaree said...

These are unusual to me. The first two make me think of calligraphy. When you said the barbed wire was protection to her it made me think of those midieval chastity belts. Protection for whom? It's nice all the brothers can enjoy there art together.


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