Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Red Dress

Last weekend we had a series of events to mark the 100th anniversary of the the birth of a local artist, Renato Guttuso.  One of these events took place in a recently restored villa and was staged by fashion students who designed dresses inspired by Guttuso's paintings.  The dresses were modelled by dancers while the paintings were projected  on the wall behind them, impossible to sketch on the night because of the dark (and smoke) but I enjoyed drawing from my photographs the day after.

This red dress was inspired by a portrait of the Artist's wife.

Mimise (Renato Guttuso)

You can see more of Guttuso's work here


ElasticUnicorn said...

Hello Cathy,
Great sketches again.
Wonderful movement in the second one 'Red Dress'.
I didn't know the artist but I do now.

. said...

What a great way to mark a anniversary and I like how they linked the dancers to the paintings, wish I could have seen that. And the sketches/paintings you did are great and I have to say the yellow dresses are brilliant. Love how the fabric drapes and flows in it. Looks like you had a fantastic evening.


Studio at the Farm said...

That must have been a wonderful event! Your sketches of the dresses are lovely.

Jutta FaithDance said...

Wow - must have been a very special event. I love the drawings that give us a glimpse of it.

bettyfromtexas said...

Lovely sketches!! It sounds, except for the smoke :-), like a delightful event!!!

Alex said...

Awesome drawings! =) I think these are so cool

Lucia B. said...

Interesting event to celebrate Guttuso! Your portraits are really good, you should make more of them! I also like the work you have made with the background of the second sketch. it's something beautiful and inspired. Have a nice Sunday!


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