Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What Can I draw in my Sketchbook?

A few people have arrived on my blog after they've googled  'what can I draw in my sketch book'  and my first thought is .... whatever you like!   But then I thought it's not always that easy and getting started is the hardest part.

Perhaps you could draw a corner of your garden or what you can see from the window.  I sketched an oncoming storm yesterday morning looking out over the hill at the back of my house.  It's a view that I know so well  that I can almost sketch it from memory, the trees have been my subjects for many a practice session or for trying out new sketching toys.
I like to draw or paint things I find, flowers, shells, rocks and  dead insects to name but a few.  Here's two grey feathers I found by gate this week.

A couple of seed pods given to me by my friend from her garden.  I'm going to plant the seeds, my friend did tell me what they were in Italian but I promptly forgot what she said.  (This could be age!)
If  I manage to grow something from them I will sketch the plants too.

You could also join a sketching group such as Everyday Matters  or visit Cathy Johnson's Artists' Journal Workshop  to find inspiration and tips on how to get started!


Anonymous said...

Lovely sketches and good advice. Lately, I seem to be constantly thinking of starting sketching (rather than painting/drawing pictures over days/weeks/months).
So the Moleskines are good then? I hear a lot about them but they do seem costly.
Anyway, great work Cathy.

Cathy Holtom said...

The Moleskine Folio isn't cheap but worth the money I think. I have a 'scribbly' sketchbook too for very quick sketches and trying out ideas.
Thanks for the comment Stew!

Gillian said...

Great suggestions and beautifully illustrated too. Love that dark sky!

Anonymous said...

Lovely sketches as always and great advice! That's part of the reason I joined EDM and it's great for shoving me in the direction of what to sketch! some times, it seems more obvious - something to do with my day or a gift or... but for those times it's not having a list of ideas there ready is perfect! Nice post Cathy :)

Sandra said...

Your feathers are so delicate.

Clare said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing your ideas..

Debra Dickson said...

I love the beauty you find in simplicity. You remind me to stop over-thinking things, and just pick up my glass (or paint, or thread, or yarn) and have fun!

jenna said...

I've been investigating the folio, thinking about getting one when I fill up the current Moleskine. My Moleskine enthusiasm has not waned in the 7 or so years I've used them. Glad to hear your remarks on the folio.

I love that storm drawing. You've even captured that singular green aura that precedes storms.

Alex said...

Love your Moleskine pages. I am not sure if you're experiencing the same thing I did whenever I use watercolor on the Sketchbook, the colors tend to seep through the pages.
Anyway, they look awesome!

raena said...

Is this on the moleskine watercolor journal or sketchbook? My sketchbook paper doesn't take water at all and seems SOOOO yellow that I don't like it at all!

These are all wonderful and thank you for all the suggestions!

kazumiwannabe said...

Great subject, and beautiful drawings, again! The view before the storm is stunning, with this special light you get just before the storm, you rendered it so well! Funny seeds, I've never seen the likes of them!

Anonymous said...

Hello! it's so nice to meet and follow you...
I saw your comment on another blog .. you wrote about the daunting first pages of a sketchbook...and it's funny because I just posted about this THREE posts ago..and today's post as well.

Your sketches are terrific! and I see you're from Sicily. My parents were born there...Palermo and Agrigento....I've never been, but hope to visit there someday!

I see you're also in the Sketchbook challenge...I've joined up for the first time with my husband...we are both excited about it..but still waiting for our books to come in the mail!

anyhow... I do hope you'll take a minute to visit with me also. It was a pleasure meeting you today.
I'll have to find you on ArtHouseCoop and follow you there too.

ciao bella



debra morris said...

Great work Cathy, lovely sketchbook
Going to scroll down and see you sketchbook project new pages as I'm sadly very behind this week

Cathy Holtom said...

Thank you for the comments, the Moleskine I'm using has watercolour paper which looks & feels like Fabriano paper.
Here's the link on Amazon

Regards Cathyx

Cathy Holtom said...

Carmelina - Thanks for visiting, I always start on the 3rd or 4th page then go back to the 1st page when I'm used to the sketchbook. Good luck with your sketchbook project, if you vist me on Arthouse you'll see my sketchbook from last year, I haven't added this year's yet!
Regards Cathy

Dan Kent said...

That sky is amazing! And I like the solid outline with all of the various colors in the bushes.

Anonymous said...

I love the feathers! It must be wonderful to look out of your window and sketch the scene - much more satisfying than just taking photos!!


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