Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tenerife - Buenavista del Nord

Mixed Media

My entry for The Virtual Paintout .  This month we were in the Canary Islands and I found lots of places straightaway that I would like to draw.  I chose this view up on a mountain top in Tenerife because I like the low clouds and colours.  I've never been to the Canary islands but it's much greener than I expected.  Each time I wander around somewhere on Google street I discover new things about place I've never visited.


freebird said...

Nice choice of spot and great job with those clouds!

Gillian said...

That looks gorgeous, Cathy. So soft, subtle and ethereal. Nice work with the mist!

frayedattheedge said...

This is lovely - unlike the resort in Tenerife we went to in the 80's .... highrise hotels as far as you could see!!

lyn said...

Great blog! Its great fun to see another part of the world from an artists point of view! Your drawings are lovely and the photos encourage me to post more of my surroundings!
Continued success!

Jaz said...

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