Monday, 11 January 2010

Lemons and more Lemons

It's the time of year here when the trees are full of lemons and oranges.  As I look out the window all I can see are yellow blobs in the trees, waiting to be harvested in February and March.  Of course the kitchen is already full of enormous fragrant lemons and juicy manderine oranges.  I just need to find some more lemony recipes,  We had a lovely lemon risotto this week and I'm working up to a lemony chicken and lemon cheesecake!

I have been playing with my watercolour pencils sketching lemons (what else?), I scanned them as I went along.

First I sketched the lemon with the 'dry' pencils.
                                                       Then water was added to dissolve the

                                                       I used normal coloured pencils
                                                       over the top to add more colour/

I usually use water soluble pencils for sketching landscapes on location.  If you run out of time you can always put the wash on at home.
Lemon Recipes welcome!


frayedattheedge said...

Hi Cathy, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Your work is fabulous - I've only had a quick look - I will have a better look tomorrow (a programme about the career of Delia Smith is about to start on tv that I want to watch!!)

Leslie Hawes said...

Our little lemon tree is full, too. I pick two or three a day, juice them, add some store bought orange juice, and drink to my health while making a puckerey face! :)
I don't have any recipes that you haven't already tried.
Here in Tucson, Arizona, US, some lovely folks offer to harvest the excess citrus, and donate it to the food bank.


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