Thursday, 21 January 2010

Catching the Moment

A couple of days ago I was passing this old gateway, part  of ' La Certosa',
as I pulled up to have a look the sun popped out lighting up the old stone.
So I sketched quickly the scene from my car. (As you do!)
Sorry about the crease down the middle, I used a little moleskin sketch-
book that I keep in my bag.

La Certosa was re-opened last year after 60 years of decay.  I have never
actually seen it until now as it was covered in scaffolding and boards.
It was a kind of wax museum in the grounds of the town's main
Villa built in 1797.   Inside there were life-size statues of monks with
wax faces depicting famous people of the time...including Nelson!
Apparently people came from all over Europe to see it.

Now the statues are no more and it'll be used for meetings and conferences.

1 comment:

frayedattheedge said...

I take photos from the car - but if I could sketch like you, then that's what I would do!!!


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