Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Villa dei Mostri

A sketch of one of the first 'monsters' that you meet when you visit Villa Palagonia.  A most intresting place if not a little eccentric.
This one is at the entrance.  Villa Palagonia is a 17c Baroque Villa in the town of Bagheria.  The villa's garden is full of 'monsters', that is to say many statues and caricatures of man-beasts, dwarfs, beggars, ladies and knights.

The story is that the villa was built as the summer residence of the 7th Prince of Palagonia.  He had the statues installed as vengenance towards his pretty but unfaithful wife.  They are supposed to depict her lovers and insult her.

The gardens are very strange, but the villa is also beautiful inside.  This view from what is now the back is one that I have sketched as there is a convienent quiet road leading to the gate.  Sketching all the monsters would make an interesting sketch book.....I can feel an idea coming on!

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