Sunday, 13 December 2009

Do not read if you're hungry

Today is Santa Lucia,  a  day when traditionally Sicilians don't eat anything made from flour.

Like most saints there is always more than one legend around, but generally Saint Lucia is known for saving the population from famine in 1636.    So no bread or pasta is eaten to mark the day.  A real sacrifice for Sicilians!

Instead they eat Arancine - balls of rice stuffed then breadcrumbed and fried.    In the photo you can see the pointed ones, they are stuffed with mozzerella and ham and the round ones stuffed with rag├╣ meat sauce, but they can be stuffed with anything ..even chocolate!
Other dishes include chickpea fritters called Panelle and 'La Cuccia'
a sweet pudding made from boiled wheat.

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