Friday, 28 August 2009

In my mind I'm still there..

Sitting here in the heat of the summer my mind drifts to soft, cool summer days in England.
Our summers in Sicily are harsh and dry, with never-ending days of sun. That might be paradise for some people, but I much prefer the pitter patter of rain!
This is a piece I've just finished, I will put it away for a few days before I finish the last tweaks.
A special place..but where?
Water colour underpainting and coloured pencil on top. 20 cmsx 25cms


Funtastical Faces said...

Very beautiful painting. I dream of going to Italy - I actually started learning a little bit of Italian.

Marsomega1 said...

Cathy, I think your English scene is part of the Grand Union Canal in Warwickshire?


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