Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Small but Sweet

oil on mdf board 20x20cms (aprox  8x8")

It's a dark stormy day here in Sicily, although the morning started off bright and sunny!

My small painting above is from a similar sunny morning, a little pear from my garden on the kitchen table with the clear early sun pouring in through the window. I used a mixture of acrylic and oil paints to get the effect of light (hopefully!)
I am enjoying painting small..I cut a large piece of mdf into 12 small squares and  I've finished about half of them so far.  It's nice not to have to worry about investing a lot of time on a large painting only to find it doesn't really work. It's a chance to try out new ideas and best of all they are easy to store!
Do you have a preference...big or small?

Monday, 20 October 2014

Blue jar and Seed Pods

Oil on mdf wood board 20x20cms approx 8x8"
My little blue jar is putting in another appearance, I love to paint the reflections in its dark blue glass.
As I set up this little still life  the seed pods (found walking along the coast) left little seeds everywhere, so I painted those in too.

Thursday, 9 October 2014


Oil on mdf wood board 20x20 cms/ 8"x8"

You'll find a moka coffee pot in most Italian homes.  It's comforting glugs and gurgles signal the start of  a new day....but coffee is always a good excuse to stop during the day or get together with a friend.
I love to sit in a bar with a capuccino and watch the world go by, especially if there's a warm croissant involved too!
Could you live without coffee? I know I couldn't !

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sketching 'La Natura Morta '

Summer is over and the weather is changing.  We've had some high winds over the past week and it was one windy night when I heard something patter as it blew into my room while I was asleep.
With no glasses and in the dark I could just make out the shape of a small lizard by my bed.  
After a little bit of nudging  it wasn't going to move and I realised it was not only dead but perfectly conserved by the hot dry weather.  It must have got caught between the window and the blinds.

So what else could I do, I sketched it the next morning.  It's still on the sideboard much to my daughter's horror...she says it's looking at her!

Leaves are starting to turn too, this is one I picked up.  Autumn is here, my favourite season!
What's your favourite season?

Monday, 15 September 2014

Sketchbook Sunday (on Monday)

I have been getting back to my watercolours this week...sometimes I need to be inspired by a colour or something I see to really enjoy this watery and rebellious medium!
The plums are painted in my favourite colours for painting, I love juicy pinks, reds and purples.

This is a black bumble bee that I found resting on my garden wall.  They are not particularly aggressive although they look quite was the size of my thumb and very black and shiny.
When you get up close the black becomes a vivid blue in the wings.  But I didn't get too near, I'm not that brave....I zoomed in with my camera and took some photos!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Edge

This is a scene slightly off the footpath through a regal hunting forest from  hundreds of years ago.  It's  a little opening that gives you amazing views over the forest.

On this occasion it's about as far as I got as some cows made an appearance, not that I am afraid of cows....but my friend was! Ok so they were very big with long horns and didn't seem to want us to to go any further, but that's no reason to hide behind a tree?
We had to turn back, cutting short our walk... so now you know what I was thinking about while painting!

40x40 cms, oil on mdf board

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sketchbook Sunday

My is sketchbook is always on hand even early in the morning.  This simple teabag was such a pretty colour  (some kind of flower and fruit mix) that I was tempted to make a little watercolour sketch.
Perhaps I'll have a go painting with the tea next time!

This man was enjoying an 'aperitivo' outside a bar....but the big terracotta vase was in my way.  I did think of putting a dog there instead, but I'm not very good at dogs.  The big vases should have plants or a bush of some kind but sadly there was only a few weeds and lots of cigarette butt ends.

I've also been practicing some figure drawing using
A useful site that gives you the choice of many poses, faces, hands and feet.....better than watching TV in the evening!

Here are some more.


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