Sunday, 16 August 2015

Something Fishy

Oil on mdf board 20x20cms

I prefer to have my fish cooked for me in a restaurant( I don't like the lingering fishy smell in my house), but I do love to see the fish stalls at the open air markets.  The fish look so shiny and colourful it tempts you to buy even if you don't  know your sardines from your shellfish!
These fish are  called Luveri, no idea what that translates to in English. I didn't buy any but they looked good enough to paint.

I love food markets at anytime, this little one is in the old part of Siracusa.

If you're on holiday it's the ideal place to get a bag of fruit to take to the beach or some tomatoes for a quick lunch, just add some fresh crusty bread and a lump of cheese.


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