Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Making Time

Rat Race

I need more time!
How often do you wish for more hours in a day or even more days in the week?

It's not easy fitting everything into a busy life and making time to paint and be creative.   We all have our obligations, family and  other jobs.  Sometimes I wonder how I will find time to paint at all.

Creative people naturally have projects, ideas, materials floating about...both in their heads and in the studio. We are easily distracted and  the only way I can keep my head clear for new ideas is to be tidy ( just  don't open any of my cupboard doors!)
I like to know where my materials are and where that lovely reference photo is filed  on my computer.  I keep a notebook or sketchbook handy to jot down anything I want to remember or ideas, that way I don't  worry about forgetting something important.

To make time for actual painting in a hectic schedule is not easy.  First you need to be organised (a horrible dirty word I know).  I set myself a time limit for mundane tasks, I grab back  a few minutes here and there, whenever I can then block off some creative time when possible.
It's useful to decide when your ideal time for painting is and  try and work round that. Mine is in the afternoon which isn't easy when I'm working.

So then when you finally get to your easel, or studio...make sure everyone knows you don't want to be disturbed ....headphones are good for this.   Ignore the phone, Facebook etc as much as you can (sorry to anyone who knows me!)  Give yourself some time to get in the mood, look at some art or doodle in your sketchbook.  It also helps to have some idea what you want to do before you start or you will waste precious art time looking for something to paint.

Does anyone else have some ideas for saving time or making time for art?

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Terracotta Pots

Oil on stretched canvas 40x50cms

I think I like terracotta pots more than the plants that go in them!  I especially like them worn and chipped and the way they change in different light.
These pots were sitting in dappled light under some  trees, which seemed to be the perfect spot for them.
Earlier this summer I painted several little watercolour studies of the same pots and I'm looking forward to painting a few more before I'm done.
This painting is available for purchase on  my web site

Friday, 8 November 2013

A Little Bit of Good News

My oil painting 'Farfalla' was a awarded a special recognition in
the Lightspacetime online gallery. open exhibition.

There were 673 entries from 24 countries so not a bad result!

There are some paintings I really like, one of them was the outright winner by Sallie Ann Swift,
seen here on the exhibitions cover image.    See the exhibition on Youtube

Saturday, 2 November 2013

How Much Is Your Art Really Worth?

I have been asked for evidence of value after the above work 'Walking Shadows' was destroyed by fire during its journey back from an exhibition in the UK.   I now have to try and claim back the value of my artwork from the insurance.

So do you know how much your art is really worth?

Retail price or market value is normally what an insurance company would look at first, but what if the work hasn't been sold?  The price ticket on the artwork is only what the artist thinks it's worth, taking into account emotional value, time spent  and materials used. 

The piece of art could be valued on recent selling prices of similar work by the artist, but if the artist is less established and hasn't many recent documented sales that becomes more difficult.

So what I think my art is worth and how much an insurance company value it (if anything) is completely different.

So beware when shipping work around the world, check the insurance details and document wherever possible the value of your art, that includes newspaper articles, exhibitions and catalogues, auction site pages, anything that could be used as evidence of value.


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