Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sun in the Garden

Mixed media on stretched canvas 70x50cms

It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted here on my blog as I've been concentrating on some larger paintings in oil.  I have several on the go and this is the first to be completed (I'm calling it finished for now).
I took a year out to experiment and learn about watercolour and what it can do, now I feel it's time to get back to some oil painting.
That's not say I've hung up my watercolour brushes to dry!

These flowers are from my friend's garden.  We were sitting outside in the shade (with a coffee of course) when the sun suddenly illuminated the leaves from behind.  The background is acrylic with a pearly effect roughly brushed on, the rest of the painting is in oil.

I haven't got a very original title yet so if anyone has any ideas..... you haven't let me down yet!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Places for Inspiration

I paid another visit to the Botanical gardens this week.  I often go at different times times during the year for inspiration, to sketch or just because it's a lovely peaceful spot in the middle of the city.

 I have many sketches and paintings made over the years inspired by the gardens and I'm sure many more are to come (lots of photographs were taken ).  I went looking for some terracotta plant pot references and I found loads of pots, hundreds of them!

Not only are there wonderful ancient trees and rare plants, there are insects galore (including mozzies yuk) and turtles, parrots and fish too.

Do you have a favourite place that inspires your work?

Monday, 9 September 2013

Bell Peppers

Still painting veggies... I get more pleasure painting from life than a photograph and tend to paint whatever is in season and of course in my fridge!
These are watercolour with a bit of pastel on top (23x33 cms).  

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

One, two, three...peppers!

 I bought these little sweet peppers just because of their interesting shapes and I admit I sorted through to find the best.

This was the the most difficult to paint as it was curled up more than the others.  It's always difficult to find the right coloured green and for the peppers I used a yellow green mixed with a couple of transparent blues.

I like to  paint my vegetables and fruit on a white cloth, reflecting the light in lovely pools of colour.  Everything has it's chilli peppers are ready to be picked so look out for those soon!


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