Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pears and Shadows

I have been  going to a local painting class and really enjoying it.  I have played about with oils in the past, but its different when someone teaches you how it 'should' be done?
This is my first painting, about 30 x 40 cms.  I borrowed the image off  the Wet Canvas forum library so that I could concentrate on the actual painting while the composition and lighting was already done for me (thanks to karenboss).  The next one will be my own composition..its already on the drawing board!

Rain, rain go away!

For over a month we have been battered by wind and rain.  For an island that normally is very dry, we now have too much water I think.  The little river at the bottom of the valley has been rushing down to the sea and twice has split its banks.

Normally it is just a trickle in the summer and autumn and can be forded easily in a car.  Fortunately we are
higher up but some properties in the valley have been flooded and filled with mud.  This happens because
people build without permission and of course proper checks and regulations are ignored!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

UKCPS exhibition and Morris men!

This is a preliminary sketch for a piece I want to do in coloured pencil.
While visiting the UK last week I went to the UKCPS exhibition
at the RBSA gallery in Birmingham.
I had two pictures in the exhibition, but the main pleasure was to see so many pieces of coloured pencil artwork close-up. Many of the artists exhibiting I had only previously seen on internet, such a big difference to see their work in real life!
While we were in Birmingham city centre there were many different groups of Morris men dancing. I like the old traditons and some of the dancers are great characters like Pete in the drawing. Most interesting are their hats, covered in flowers, feathers and ribbons. I'd love a hat like that!


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